A Health Savings Account is a type of health insurance that is IRS regulated, and offers great tax benefits. For most of our clients, they have proven to be the most efficient way to purchase health insurance. They are available to individuals of all ages, and business entities for employer sponsored coverage.

Kovarsky & Associates has been offering these plans, with complete guidance, since they began being offered as “Medical Savings Accounts” in 1996.

Health Savings Account
Health Savings Account

Health Savings Account in Palm Beach

Whether you never use your health insurance, or you are a frequent utilizer of your coverage, Health Savings Accounts may make sense for you. Let Kovarsky & Associates show you how to get the best value for your health insurance premiums by taking advantage of this program that can lower your taxable income, and make all medical, prescription, vision, and dental expenses tax-deductible for you, and your dependents.

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