A Health Savings Account is an IRS regulated health insurance plan that covers all of the same benefits as your standard health insurance plan, but in a slightly different format. The health plan needs to be designated as a “high deductible health plan” (these are offered by ALL of the insurance companies) and meet certain other requirements.

With this type of plan, the insured has the right, but not the obligation to contribute funds to an IRA type of an account on a tax deductible basis to pay for covered medical, dental and vision expenses on a pretax basis for themselves, and all people on their tax returns, whether those people are covered by the health plan or NOT. The Health Savings Account health plans have been consistently the best values in purchasing health insurance since 1996. Let Kovarsky & Associates guide you through the process of getting the best value for your health insurance dollars available.

Health Savings Account
Health Savings Account

Health Savings Account in Palm Beach

Whether you never use your health insurance, or you are a frequent utilizer of your coverage, Health Savings Accounts may make sense for you. Let Kovarsky & Associates show you how to get the best value for your health insurance premiums by taking advantage of this program that can lower your taxable income, and make all medical, prescription, vision, and dental expenses tax-deductible for you, and your dependents.

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